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We at the Survey Pacific described in a single statement — are into Management of Projects and providing solutions pertaining to Business Processes.
Survey Pacific as the name suggests, is derived from comprehensive scanning of Corporate Function.
The business activities are diagnosed for identifying the areas of attention, and solutions are provided in consonance with the prevalent provisions and constraints.
We are into development and implementation of custom-built marketing focus business solution, in order to deliver measurable and significant improvements in
organizational bottom line profitability. We at the Survey Pacific Group have been fortunate to evolve through the grind of the process. What we wanted it never happened
there and then, however what we needed we always got and churned it into the expected deliverables. The hard way we have learnt has instilled in us immense
confidence and courage of conviction to commit as well achieve the same. Others call inception we call advent of Survey Pacific . Mission, Goal and Objective.


Be a reference company in Globe for Efficacy, Efficiency, and Economy as a Business Facilitation Service provider with a high level of dedication and sincerity.


To establish a single window for the corporate entities to obtain expert consultancy services towards their business needs.


To sense scratch of an idea from the client, and realize it into an edifice of their visualization.


To make arrangements to: (a) Identify the provisions and constraints of the client, so as to serve them to their satisfaction and delight in the spirit of togetherness. (b) Enable a Fast, Creative and Collaborative environment – where values like integrity, Innovation, and Commitment get appreciated

Survey Pacific  –  as the name suggests,  is derived from comprehensive scanning of Corporate Functions. The business activities are diagnosed for identifying the areas of attention, and solutions are provided in consonance with the prevalent provisions and constraints.

We are into the development and  implementation of custom-built  marketing focused business solutions, in order to deliver measurable and significant improvements in organizational bottom-line profitability.

Our Pursuits for providing solutions pertaining to the management of projects and business processes; and catering to corporate needs pertain to the following:

  • Scanning of Corporate Functions
    • Market Research and Field Surveys
    • Online Surveys – Domestic & International
    • Feasibility Studies and Detailed Project Reports
    • Due Diligence, Organizational Analysis and Restructuring
    • Costing & Valuation ; company matters incl. compliances
    • Management Development Training programs


Market Research & Online Surveys Data Collection & Collation | Experiment Validation | Field Surveys | Customer Delight | Pre & Post Launch studies | Online Surveys | Online Samples-from-Panel | Survey Programming | Hosting | Analysis | Data Analysis Surveys for: Expectation – Satisfaction – Impact – Assessment – Brand Recall – Product Testing – Opinion Poll – Market Intelligence – Competitor Strategies.
Project Management Projects Feasibility Reports – TEV, TEFR, DPR | Sourcing | Erection | Installation | Commissioning | Stabilization | Costing & Valuations | Technical Certification
Management of Corporate Functions: HR, Materials, Marketing & Technical Services Training Programs (MDP , EOP, OBT) & Skill Upgradation Workshops | Capacity Building | Supply Chain | Inventory Control | Import Substitution | Warehousing | NPD | Product Launch | Sales Promotion | Campaigns | Design | Documentation & Cataloguing | Engineering | EA | EIA | BPR | OA | BPO | System Audit | Due Diligence | Restructuring .

we have progressively built capacities — turning massive amounts of data into actionable business intelligence and . Specialize in administration of Online Surveys . Possess trans-national online respondents panel . Have proprietary questionnaire making tool . Perform exceptional data analysis and report making In India we pre classified panel of respondents from 30 states and 7 union territories

Academicians Panel Doctors Panel Management Panel Accountants Panel Drinkers Panel Mobile Panel Auto Panel Engineers Panel Mothers Panel Chiefs Panel Foodie Panel Professionals Panel Computer Owners Panel Health Care Panel Students Panel Consumers Panel Housewives Panel Teen Panel Credit Card Panel Info Tech Panel Telecom Panel Decision Makers Panel Legal Panel Travelers Panel


Web based Survey using Global Proprietary B2B & B2C
panel of Respondents.
Web-based Survey Programming
Questionnaire Programming (CATI / CAWI / CAPI)
Data Tabulation & Collation

Web based Survey using Global Proprietary B2B & B2C
panel of Respondents.
Web-based Survey Programming
Questionnaire Programming (CATI / CAWI / CAPI)
Data Tabulation & Collation

Popular Studies undertaken through Online Surveys

Advertising Study Concept Optimization Awareness Tracking Concept Tracking Attitude and Usages Customer Satisfaction Brand Equity Name Generation Brand Strategy Name Testing Brand Positioning Product Testing Bulletin Board Qualitative Ideas Concept Screening Website Assessment

We Serve,The 20 Most Valuable Market Research Surveys

1 Market Description Survey To determine the size and relative market share of the market

2.Market Profiling-Segmentation Survey To identify who the customers are, who they are not, and why they are or are not your customers

3.Stage in the Purchase Process / Tracking Survey Where is the customer in the adoption process?

4 Purchase Analysis Survey Directed at understanding the current customer

5 Customer Attitudes & Expectations Survey Does the product meet customer expectations?

6 Customer Trust – Loyalty – Retention Analysis Survey Especially helpful for high-priced consumer goods with a long decision and purchase processes

7 New Product Concept Analysis Survey Likes and dislikes about the concept

8 New Product Acceptance and Demand Survey For estimating demand for new products

9 Habits and Uses Survey Directed at understanding usage situations, including how, when, and where the product is used

10 Product Fulfilment Surveys Are expectations created for the product by advertising, packaging, and the product appearance fulfilled by the product?

11 Product Positioning Surveys Competitive positioning analyses often compare the attributes and benefits

12 Brand Equity Analysis Survey Composite of brand awareness, brand quality, brand associations, and brand loyalty measures.

13 Advertising Value Identification Survey Advertising value analysis focuses on mapping

14 Advertising Message Effectiveness Survey Message effectiveness testing identifies the impressions, feelings, and effectiveness

15 Sales Force Effectiveness Survey A combination of measures that focus on the sales activities, performance and effectiveness in producing the desired and measurable effect or goal

16 Sales Lead Generation Survey Sales lead generation surveys

17 Customer Service Survey customer satisfaction surveys, focus in detail on the actual customer service that was received

18 Customer Service Representative Survey increasing the quality of customer relationships

19 Market Tracking Surveys Sales forecasting and market tracking studies can include expert opinion judgmental bootstrapping, conjoint analysis, and intentions evaluations

20 Price Setting Surveys Price surveys estimate the elasticity of demand and show optimal price points, including prices too low or too high

Project Reports

INDUSTRIAL, MARKETING, ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL Feasibility Study Detailed Project Report Problem Identification & Solving Estimation of Project Cost Process Design / Detailed Design Costing & Valuation Project Reports Introduction, History of the Product Uses and Applications Market Survey / Scenario Technical aspect – Process, Technology, Engineering Plant layout Quality standards Requisite plant & machinery Financial aspects – Investment Capital,Working Capital Profitability Analysis Profit to Sales Ratio Return on Investment Break Even Point Cash Flow Statement Project Balance Sheet


 Cultural and Language Compatibility: Our cultural compatibility with the U.S. and Other Countries makes for a smoother operation, and with the satisfaction of your Survey’s needs. Our agents are native English Speakers, with an American accent, which your clients will appreciate.

Save Cost: Lower per/hour or Per Survey costs than Other companies, and competitive prices . Survey Pacific allows you to enjoy the benefits a highly- qualified work force and to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

 Quick Start: We are working 24 X 7 X 365 . Easy and quick launch

 Address List/Data: No Problem, if you don’t have Address list or data for your target survey takers, Survey Pacific team will manage Your Target Survey Takers Data/Address List

Survey Pacific market Research has been retained to provide marketing research and Data Collection for a large number of multinational and Market Research Companies, yet is very capable of understanding and meeting the needs of small to midsize companies as well. Survey Pacific is a leading Global Data Collection company. Field Services, Market Research, and Consulting firm, serving a number of corporations, market research as well as consulting firms. We are Best in Data Collection – ONLINE | CATI |FACE TO FACE |MOBILE.

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