A heart-lung machine no bigger than a suitcase – that was the vision of an eminent expert in the field of intensive care. German-based medical technology manufacturer MAQUET Cardiopulmonary AG has made this vision come true by developing the CARDIOHELP System. The world’s most compact and lightweight life support system is a complete therapeutic solution for patients who need cardiac or pulmonary support in intensive care, cardiology, cardiac surgery, and emergency medicine.

Thanks to its specific modes of operation and disposables, such as a gas exchanger and the appropriate cannulae, the CARDIOHELP System is suitable for all patients who require extracorporeal circulatory support (ECLS) or a reduction in blood CO2 levels. The system has been specially designed for use in the intensive care unit, but is just as easy to use in the operating room or in the cardiac catheter laboratory. With its extracorporeal gas exchange and pump functions the system can supply oxygen to the heart and other organs as well as assist patients with reduced lung function. The CARDIOHELP System can provide previously unknown or hardly used patient circulatory and respiratory support options.

The portable CARDIOHELP System is characterized by a short preparation time and its user-friendly operation and management. It can be operated and monitored by nursing staff using a single rotary knob and a touch screen. MAQUET’s modular training program instructs medical professionals in the use of CARDIOHELP for different patient extracorporeal support applications.

The original vision has grown to become a complete system. The integrated drive and control unit forms the hub of the heart-lung support system. Without the need for tubing and clamps, the various gas exchangers, featuring integrated VAD (ventricular assist device) pumps, can be docked directly and are available for immediate use. Using two software versions and three different disposables, the CARDIOHELP System can be adapted to the specific requirements for cardiopulmonary support and CO2 reduction.

MAQUET has developed the Heart Lung Support (HLS) Module Advanced for long-term use. In addition to the gas exchanger and VAD pump, the HLS Module Advanced also features integrated sensors for venous, internal and arterial blood pressures and arterial temperature.

This is the world’s first disposable to offer a high-tech sensor for the continuous measurement of the important parameters – venous saturation (SvO2), hematocrit (HCT) and hemoglobin (Hb) plus venous temperature (Tv). Until now, this was only possible using an external blood analyzer. The HLS Module Advanced is approved for up to 30 days of continuous patient support.

With USB and Ethernet ports the CARDIOHELP System is equipped for data exchange. As the first truly portable heart-lung support system it is approved for both ground and air transport. The unit can either be connected to a wall power outlet or to the electrical system in ambulances, aircraft or helicopters. In addition, the integrated lithium-ion batteries guarantee at least 90 minutes of network-independent operation. This is particularly crucial when conducting inter- and intra-hospital transport. The universal holder allows the system to be safely attached to all standard carrier systems.

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