Parley Pro: Collaborative Contract Management Software

Parley Pro is not simply looking to digitize old processes, we’re looking to enhance and optimize them by providing people with the tools that make contracts easier to work with and collaborate on.


  • Collaboration and discussion-based review and negotiation –

Parley Pro’s collaboration engine enables people to work on a single source of truth all online by providing internal and external views that don’t interfere with each other

We’re focused on reducing the time and errors caused by manual reconciliation and by creating new versions of documents for each person who touches the contract. We also reduce subjective acceptance and rejection of redlines by unauthorized stakeholders who may mean well but shouldn’t be making final decisions on changes

  • Detailed audit trail/capturing of institutional knowledge – Parley Pro keeps an easy-to-follow record of who said what and when. This helps align parties and reduces conflict internally and externally. Additionally, the audit trail provides valuable insights to be prepared for future renegotiations and renewals.
  • Analytics dashboards and reporting – Real-time analytics on contract status, people’s behavioral patterns, deadlines, non-standard clauses and more that help identify where the process can be improved and where potential risk needs to be mitigated. Parley Pro provides detailed, customizable dashboards that are updated in real-time so C-level leadership and other stakeholders can have a comprehensive snapshot of the state of contracts and can appropriately strategize to improve areas of weaknesses.
  • Automated notifications – Proactive assistance to notify the right people at the right time of what’s coming up and what the priority level is.
  • Fast implementation and easy-to-use – Enterprises don’t have time for heavy and lengthy implementation. Parley Pro’s solution is cloud-based, set up is simple, and people can start using the system immediately.
  • Excellent customer support – We provide 24/7 customer care and respond within minutes.
Parley Pro

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