Industry first: tML breakout module provides a well-structured patching

Industry first: tML breakout module provides a well-structured patching

tde expands successful tML system with 40 and 100G breakout modules

Industry first: tML breakout module provides a well-structured patching

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Dortmund/Germany, 20 October 2015. tde has expanded its successful tML system: With the new tML breakout module, the chassis of the switches and routers can be used more efficiently, with an increased number of ports and a higher packing density. Instead of line-cards with four or ten SFP transceivers, network technicians can now install line-cards for 40 or 100G transceivers. In combination with the tML breakout module, the incoming data rate can be split into 4 x 10G or 10 x 10G, enabling a fourfold or even tenfold increase. tde is the only manufacturer to use MPO connectors that are integrated at the front instead of traditional rear-mounted MPO connectors. The connectors can be quickly tethered directly from the front and enable structured patching. The tML breakout module is suited for installation in a tML Rack Mount Enclosure with one height unit und works in conjunction with the tML HD patch cable.

„The current trend regarding 40 or 100G transceivers is towards using them also for breakout applications and no longer exclusively for direct connection with the corresponding data rate,“ Andre Engel, CEO at tde, explains. By way of breakout modules, the breakout application splits 40G into 4 x 10G and 100G in 10 x 10G. The cost-intensive switches and routers can thus be used more efficiently as they offer an increased amount of ports and accordingly an increased packing density. Instead of line-cards with four or ten 10G transceivers, line cards with 40G or 100G transceivers with MPO can now be installed in the chassis: „Since this practice has already established itself for multi-mode and single-mode applications, we offer different breakout modules for our patented and modular tML platform,“ Andre Engel says.

tde offers its customers the following three key configurations:

-four LC Duplex with 10G on a 12 fibre MPO connector with 40G
-eight LC Duplex with 10G on two 12 fibre MPO connectors with 40G
-ten LC Duplex with 10G on a 24-fibre MPO connector with 100G

All modules are available in single and multi-mode versions; the latter are available as OM3 and OM4 modules.

Easy handling – highest packing density
Whereas traditional tML modules feature rear MPO connectors, tde has now integrated the MPO connectors into the front panel. This allows for a quick connection with patch cables directly from the front. „Instead of fan-out cables, where MPO and LC Duplex have the same origin and are thus limited, the front-mounted breakout panel patched with MPO offers a significantly larger port number needing little space,“ Andre Engel emphasises and continues: „This is industry-unique and highlights our pioneering role as leader in multi-fibre technology.“

tde has developed the tML breakout module for easy handling: It can only be patched from the patch panel front and thus supports structured and clear cabling. Since the tML Rack Mount Enclosures can be equipped according to application and need the breakout module offers highest packing density and efficiency. Fibre optic and copper modules can be combined. In this way, tde offers its customers the best possibilities for migration to higher data rates. Additionally, the solution is a safe investment since the components can be gradually upgraded and are reusable. „The tML breakout module makes our tML platform well-equipped for the future; it continues to be competitive also in the long run,“ Andre Engel is pleased to say.

For more than 20 years the tde- trans data elektronik GmbH, an internationally successful company, has specialised in the development and production of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density. Also the nuclear research centre CERN relies on the know-how of the leading company in multi-fibre technics (MPO). The portfolio „Made in Germany“ contains complete system solutions with a focus on Plug&Play for high speed applications in the field of Datacom, Telecom, industry, medical and defence. With its own service department tde offers planning and installation services from one source and supports the „European Code of Conduct“ when it comes to energy efficiency in data centres. For more information visit:

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