1 transmitter and 8 receivers RF long range control system switch 8 lights on and off

I am an electrical supervisor for Acorn Lighting Services based in UK. We are a big installer of festive lighting and have been asked by some of our clients if we can supply remote switch to turn on and off all the lights which are controlled at the same time. Now I need 1 transmitter and 8 receivers all working on the same channel. The receivers will need to 240v and be capable of controlling 980 watts lights totally. Can you supply a remote control system where there is one transmitter and 8 receiver units with antenna?

We recommend the model 0020394 S1X-AC220-ANT2&CB-2

This control system operating voltage is AC110~240V. It is very favorable for this customer’s need.
They are long range remote control kit with external extended antenna.
According to this customer’s requirement, we will provide him with 1 transmitter and 8 receivers to control 8 lights simultaneously. (The following picture showed what he wanted)

So each of receivers will be paired with a light.
Wiring operation is also fairly simple.
Let’s do some demonstration in practice. First, we prepare a transmitter, two receivers and two lights. Next, we will try to show how to control two lights at the same time.
Wires from light are supposed to be connected to the output terminal of the receiver. We do it one by one. And receivers must be all powered by power supply.
Pressing the big button, 2 lights will be turned on simultaneously.

Pressing the small button, 2lights will be turned off at the same time.

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