These „significant height“ designs are worth learning from, come and have a look

Summer is not only cruel to fat girls, but also cruel to small girls. Many small people have to expose their body defects, but there is no way to solve them.

Today, I will bring you a particularly practical single product, the A-line skirt, which will allow you to reject the „little thick legs“ from now on, so that the little one can easily get everything.

Type selection of half skirt

It’s a well-known thing that short skirts can be tall, but most girls don’t have a natural advantage. They are not as thin and long as supermodels. They may even have troubles with small thick legs. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a version. .

Generally speaking, A-line skirts are more suitable. No matter what your leg shape is, the A-line version can help you modify it, at least it can make your legs look slender.

Ordinary A-line version (left) pleated skirt (right)

The width of the a-shaped version also needs to be interpreted one by one. Generally speaking, the a-shaped version of the ordinary design will be thinner, because it is not particularly fluffy, so it looks more slender.

But for women with more fleshy bodies, the larger a-shaped version is more suitable, such as our common pleated skirts. The pleated skirt has a strong effect on covering the flesh, so it is very suitable for fat girls.

Design Techniques of Half Skirt

Fashion is not reconciled to the ordinary, and it is constantly improving. Fashion is reincarnation, but it is more „new trend“, so fashion trendsetters will not be dull.

Classic models are not static, but add some whimsical ideas on the original basis. The same is true for basic skirts. Each skirt can have a different style. We need to choose a suitable skirt according to our needs.

Compared with the common styles, having design elements can indeed enhance the temperament, and walking on the street is also full of turning heads.

So if you want to break the simple foundation of the half skirt, it is better to start with irregular design. Unbalanced collocation can easily break the dull and single, so that the whole shape becomes more individual, more fashionable and trendy.

Length selection of half skirt

Even short skirts have different lengths to choose from, a difference of five centimeters is a completely different feeling.

Generally speaking, small girls are more suitable for a length of 28 to 38cm. Of course, the shorter it is, the higher it is, but the shorter it is, the easier it is to display thick legs. 33CM will not run out and can cover the thigh meat, so I prefer this length.

If you don’t know what length skirt suits you, the easiest way is to choose a skirt with no hemming design, that is to say, a skirt with a raw edge design.

This kind of dress can be tailored freely, choose a longer style, and diy by ourselves after returning home, let us play freely. You will find that the skirts created in this way are indeed more intimate and more suitable for you.

Color selection of half skirt

The various popular colors are really dazzling. Even the same color system has countless colors. Denim skirts are like this. There are light blue, dark blue and gray blue. In short, they can be divided into many kinds. The type, the choice is also very troublesome.

So what kind of color is more suitable for summer? In addition to black, white and gray, summer is more suitable for those cool colors, because it can bring a cooling effect and let you „cool down for a summer.“

Of course, color selection also needs to consider the issue of skin tone, because many colors appear black when worn.

For example, purple, especially streamer purple, although the name is nice, it is really black when worn on the upper body, especially not suitable for black and yellow leather, so the color of the skirt should be more careful. Among the popular colors, blue and red are both whiter colors. Not only do you look taller and thinner, but you can also easily increase the brightness of your skin tone. Whitening is not a problem.Read more at:Formaldressau | white formal dresses

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