Skirt length follow, take good not grandiose

The misty rain south of the Yangtze River, the fluttering in the water mist. Waves on the beach, sparkling in the sun. Small town stone steps, a step by step shake the wind light. The long skirt is holding all the dreams about beauty and elegance, and the skirt must have the right collocation to be able to be lightsome and dreamy.

01 Little freshness is probably one of the most innocuous styles. Exquisite mesh layers stacked down the foot, light blue short sleeves simple and pure, as the first love of that summer, mottled through the shade of the sun quietly contained in the mouth of mint candy, cool, sweet.

As soon as the weather is warm, I feel like going to the seaside. The sandy beach is moist and delicate to the touch, and it is comfortable to step on with bare feet. At this time, if there is a sparkling skirt brushed ankle, raise skirt horn, must be more wonderful.

03 pleats is a kind of complex, is the taste of the mottled sunshine under the parasol trees in the campus, is the posture of ginkgo biloba in the book. Elastic waist, loose T-shirt, need not emphasize waist line, in long skirt is placed below show bright and clean crus, do the girl of a quiet and ignorant.

04 like the fluttering and spreading of the skirt, but not willing to bury a pair of long legs, there are such entanglements is really envy envy hate ah! The dovetail dress is airy and very cute, but very picky leg type, unless you have a pair of perfect legs, otherwise do not easily try Oh.

Is it possible that girls with small shortcomings in their legs can only refuse beautiful skirts? And it isn’t. Does the butt-covering skirt require a high figure? High! But if you wear a denim buttock dress, it can easily hide a flat butt and small thighs, making it taller and slimmer.

06 long skirt always has a few against feeling in the city that tall building stands all over, one is not careful to wear the appearance that became grandiose. But in the green environment is another taste. Who is the goddess of literature and art, with a large cotton skirt and a useful pocket and a small cardigan?

How to wear a skirt that is light, thin and transparent? Don’t worry, the buttock skirt and pants inside hide the flesh from the light. Swing seersucker looks a little over-the-top, but you can match it with a more dramatic print T-shirt. Hey, it’s a little web celebrity.Read more at:formal dresses online shopping | long formal dresses

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