How to choose summer colors

In fact, for summer, the temperature will gradually rise unconsciously, so for those women who are more afraid of heat, they will definitely go to the mall to buy some clothes that can make them cool. Of course, the color matching of clothing suitable for summer is also very rich, for example, you can choose „white + blue“.

However, this type of color wear style, although the surface looks very simple, but because of the simpler, it will become more and more protruding and more advanced. And not only can make people feel very intellectual, but also make people shine.

1: Pain points of daily wear

Generally speaking, for every woman, she will have some pain points of her own. For example, if the actual age of some women has reached 30 or 40 years old, then for them, they will definitely want to make some of their daily outfits to achieve an age-reducing effect.

In view of this situation, it is actually suggested that women can choose some matching methods of „white + blue“. Because for the two tones of white and blue, it is not only very classic and simple, but also very stylish, and it is very age-reduced, and it seems to be able to instantly return you to 18 years old.

So for women’s pain points in dressing, in addition to wanting to reduce their age, in fact, they are also more troublesome about their various skin conditions and how they should wear them. For example, for those women, if the skin is yellowish, it is definitely not suitable to choose yellow and dark purple.

But here we can choose the „white + blue“ dressing method, because in this way, it can not only brighten women’s skin tone, but also make women’s yellow skin whiter. Then the overall wearing effect will be very eye-catching and very charming.

Three: blue + white some dressing tricks

1: Add some highlights to the dress

Although pure white shirt skirts or pure blue mid-length dresses look very generous and decent, but this way of dressing up for a long time will also make people feel a little boring. So in such a situation, in fact, you can choose some brighter accessories to make the whole outfit look lively and interesting.

For example, in summer, women can also choose a white sleeveless long dress to wear on their bodies, and then they can also choose to wear a blue fisherman hat as an embellishment on top of their heads. In this way, it not only adds some color to the whole dress, but also looks very elegant and charming.

However, women can also choose to wear a beautiful light blue dress, and then carry a small white square bag in their hands and a pair of white shoes on their feet, which is also very youthful and tasteful.

2: bottom blue and top white

If women are very fond of that kind of casual style, then here is a suggestion that women can actually adopt a dressing method of blue and white. Because this collocation method is not only very simple, but also very fashionable and common.

For example, women can wear a short white T-shirt on the upper part, and then can choose to wear a blue denim long skirt on the lower part. This way of dressing is also very fashionable, very fresh and beautiful.

Of course, women can also choose to wear a white shirt with a pair of blue high-waisted jeans on the lower body, which is clean and elegant.

3: Lower white and upper blue

In addition to wearing blue and white, women can also choose white and blue. For example, if women’s faces are of that kind of pointed face, then women can choose a round neck blue short-sleeved polo shirt, and then they can also choose a pair of white slacks or white seven-point thigh trousers for the lower body. Wait. This way of dressing up is also very refreshing and at the same time very energetic.

However, if women have a square face, then women can choose to wear a V-neck blue shirt with white denim shorts on the lower body, which is elegant and very pleasant.

4: White inside and blue outside

This style of wearing white on the outside and blue on the outside is not only very distinctive, but the effect of the combination is also very good-looking, and it looks young again. For example, women can choose a thin white T-shirt to wear on the inside, and then wear a blue mid-length shirt on the outside, and also can wear a pair of blue denim shorts on the lower body. This way of dressing not only makes the whole outfit look more layered, but also very elegant.

Of course, women can also wear a white sleeveless top with blue trousers on the inside, and then put on a blue suit on the outside. It feels very dignified and neat.

For some collocation tips for „blue + white“, let’s roughly share the above ones today. Of course, if you have any good ideas and insights about „white + blue“, you can leave a message to discuss each other and express your own opinions. In this way, it can also save everyone from taking some detours on the road to beauty.Read more | formal dresses brisbane

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