EU Verordnung 1169/2011 Software Updates machen METTLER TOLEDO Waagen und Preisauszeichner fit für Kennzeichnungsvorgaben

EU Regulation 1169/2011 software updates make METTLER TOLEDO scales and labeling machine fit for labeling requirements

Weighing systems and labeling machine from METTLER TOLEDO are in current use system software already prepared for the conformity declaration accor ding to the EU regulation 1169/2011 food. Large parts of the regulation take effect on December 13, 2014 mandatory in force. METTLER TOLEDO recommends all Retailers did currently do not have older software versions in use, to get the software now its weighing systems and labeling machine up to date.

„Already in just over six months time has come. The LEH is required to declare by the new requirements Retailers shoulderstand THEREFORE now check Whether the software used Their weighing and price labeling already supports the new requirements,“ Said Bruno Goudard, Food Safety Expert Retail at METTLER TOLEDO.

„Otherwise, june threaten by supervisory Authorities and, at worst, personal injury through misrepresentation consuming process – not to mention brand damage Throughout this case help only a few steps to prepare technology and Processes to the new compliance requirements and to update the software .. „

Allergens and Nutritional table accor ding to specifications

From 13 December 2014 to cause allergies or intolerances substances did, to stand by EC regulation CLEARLY from the rest of the list of ingredients on pre-packaged goods and be highlighted by bold or For Example underline in the ingredients list. Latest software release for the METTLER TOLEDO weighing systems and labeling machine already support the new representation. With the current software version for Their METTLER TOLEDO system LEH retailer ran thus are already prepared for the obligatory force from 13.12.2016 guidelines for nutritional table. The system software for METTLER TOLEDO devices will be developed Further in the future to always reflect the current state of legal requirements.

Background: EU-regulation 1169/2011

The EU regulation Governs the declaration of packaged and loose products sold new. To the mandatory particulars in prepacked goods include a prominent labeling contained allergens and a complete nutritional table. In addition, information: such as the name of the food, the origin and other product-related regulations. For bulk goods information must be available to allergens contained for the customer. From 13 December 2014, the regulations for allergen labeling to be mandatory. From 13 December 2016 Nutritional information packaged products is absolutely required.

More information is available at  available.

About Mettler Toledo
METTLER TOLEDO Specializes in the area of precision instruments for professional use. In addition to many other areas of application in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food production and cosmetics laboratory instruments from METTLER TOLEDO come in scientific research, the search for new drugs and in quality control labs for use. For many customers the synthesis of comprehensive industrial solutions METTLER TOLEDO addition to laboratory equipment thus covers the various stages of production. The range of solutions range from receiving raw materials Offered through various Manufacturing Processes, in-line process control and packaging control line end, to logistics and shipping. More and more customers integrate synthesis into Their IT solutions full-production environment, Where They Contribute to the automation of work Processes. In food retail, our range includes the management of fresh produce the goods receiving, storage methods for self-service departments, deli sections and the checkout area.

Contact information:
Mettler-Toledo International Inc. 
In Langacher, Zip Code 8606 
Greifensee, Switzerland 
Phone: + 41-44-944 33 85 

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METTLER TOLEDO ist auf Präzisionsinstrumente für den professionellen Einsatz spezialisiert. Neben vielen anderen Einsatzbereichen in der pharmazeutischen und chemischen Industrie, Nahrungsmittelherstellung und Kosmetik kommen Laborinstrumente von METTLER TOLEDO in der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, der Suche nach neuen Pharmaka und in Labors der Qualitätskontrolle zur Anwendung. Bei vielen dieser Kunden decken die umfangreichen industriellen Lösungen von METTLER TOLEDO neben der Laborausstattung auch die verschiedenen Stufen der Produktionsverfahren ab. Die Bandbreite der angebotenen Lösungen reicht von der Annahme der Rohmaterialien über verschiedene Herstellungsverfahren, In-Line-Prozesssteuerung und Verpackungsüberwachung am Linienende bis hin zu Logistik und Versand. Mehr und mehr integrieren die Kunden diese Lösungen voll in ihre IT-Produktionsumgebung, wo sie zur Automatisierung der Arbeitsabläufe beitragen. Im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel umfasst unser Angebot zur Verwaltung der Frischware die Warenannahme, Einlagerungsmethoden für Abteilungen mit Selbstbedienung, Feinkostsektionen und den Kassenbereich.

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